The WTSDA is the largest democratic Tang Soo Do organization in the world. An organization with more than 100 masters and thousands of black belts in more than 33 countries. The organization is characterized by tradition and professionalism.

Function of WTSDA. To guarantee:

  • School: Certificates will be issued to those schools that meet the standard requirements of the Association. So to maintain those standards and improve the Association will hold an annual school inspection for renewal of the school certificate.
  • Instructors: All school instructors will be authorized by the Association and receive a certificate to be allowed to teach. Basic requirement is to be Black Belt 1st dan. The instructor must meet the requirements of the Association.
  • Members: The Association will evaluate each member and issue a statement. This Association has high reputation and their high standards are treated with great respect. Of these, a declaration will be issued.

Additional programs:

  • Courses, training camps and special Black Belt training will be held to improve techniques and knowledge.
  • Study and Research: The Association will accompany special study and research programs to develop new techniques and theory, history and philosophy.
  • Instructors and Masters: Through periodic training for instructors, the Association will promote the latest educational and training methods.

Publications and advertising:

  • Newsletters: New Techniques, breaking news, local news, national or regional events and world news on Tang Soo Do will be periodically announced.
  • Special training materials: videos, books and other publications are for members only.
  • Advertising: It is allowed to all members to make themselves known as the "World Tang Soo Do Association." The Association will advertise our name through magazines, publications and other media in order to further enhance the reputation of our Association.


  • As described and explained in our inaugural meeting, the Association will strive to remain traditional. Our Association is known for its "TRADITION and PROFESSIONALISM." We will maintain this tradition and preserve it for future generations.
  • Technical standardization: The Association will always maintain the standardization of techniques and theories. The Technical Advisory Committee will use books, newsletters, training camps, work meetings and other publications to ensure that the workouts over the world will be equal.


  • Privileges to participate: members will be privileged to participate in Association tournaments, meetings, conventions, training camps and demonstrations.
  • Exchange and visiting privileges between school members: when a member temporarily or permanently wish to visit another school, a written consent from both school instructors will be required. (also applicable for members of overseas)
  • Access to the Masters: The Association will provide arrangements whereby all members have access to the heads of the Association. The Grand Master and other Masters will often visit different parts of the world. They are genuinely interested in transferring their techniques and knowledge. Also, they are willing to hear any problems.
  • sanction: after permission granted by the President of the Association, it is free to use for the World Tang Soo Do Association for formal occasions.

Advice, business training and other services:

  • business and legal assistance: Since one of our mottos professionalism, the Association will train all managers of schools, with regard to advertising, finance, management and other business matters. The legal commission of the Association will also provide assistance in all legal matters pertaining to the studio and to matters of martial arts.
  • Authentication services: The Association will keep the personal information of all members. The personal data of a member will be provided only to the benefit of that particular member with the permission of the officer.
  • Instructor and Master powers: The Association is able to train instructors to master instructors.
  • The Association will negotiate with suppliers for the best prices and the best quality equipment, uniforms and studio supplies.


  • While the World Tang Soo Do Association grows, every dojang and each individual member will be matured and satisfying experience-giving experienced of belonging to a "FAMILY" organization.
  • The fellowship will be an important contribution to the development of the point of view (mind, body and spirit) of the student.

Dutch Tang Soo Do Association (NTSDA) represents the interests of the schools in the Netherlands.

  • to maintain the not-operational relations with the WTSDA.
  • to organize black belt trainings and international certified instructor trainings within the Netherlands.
  • to organize a national black belt exam 2 times per year.
  • to organize a minimum of 2 free public events (such as weapons and hyung-day, family and Christmas training) for all members of the affiliated studios.
  • to organize a National Championship once a year.
  • to support the organizing school of a local tournament and take care of the administrative side of the tournament (tournament records).
  • to support in advertising, finance, management and other business adjacents.
  • The Dutch Association strives to maintain standardization of techniques and theories, following the WTSDA.
  • to support exchanges and visits between school members and instructors.

The NTSDA represents all the interests of the affiliated Dutch studios. Would you like to join our organization, or do you have other questions please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.